New 2022-2023 MCAT Masters Series

7 MCAT Preparation eBooks from Gold Standard: Learn, Review and Practice

MCAT Masters Series eBooks 2022-2023

Comprehensive MCAT prep eBooks: all subjects covered

  • 7 MCAT Masters Series eBooks on (1) Math and Physics, (2) General Chemistry, (3) Organic Chemistry, (4) Biochemistry, (5) Biology, (6) MCAT CARS, and (7) Psychology and Sociology
  • Clear teaching starting from basics up to MCAT-level
  • All MCAT topics covered
  • Helps you recall relevant facts and concepts
  • Includes hundreds of Need for Speed, foundational, and MCAT-style practice questions (passages and discretes) with helpful solutions
  • New illustrations in color and proven strategies
  • Format: Online
  • Publisher: RuveneCo Inc.
  • Authors:, Gold Standard MCAT
  • Released online May 21, 2022

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